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About Kurz Instruments

Kurz Instruments, Inc.
2411 Garden Road
Monterey California 93940
United States
[1] 831 646-5911 
[1] 800 424-7356
[1] 831 646-08901 (fax)

Kurz Technical Services, Inc.
714 Swan Pond Road
Harriman, TN 37748
[1] 865 717-2019
[1] 865 717-2020 (fax)

Kurz Instruments is considered a leader in thermal mass flowmeter technology. The firm producers thermal flow sensors and transmitters for the measurement of industrial gases and liquids.

The firmís lone operating subsidiary, Kurz Technical Services, is located in Tennessee and for fourteen years has operated the operating and control center in service to the Electric Power Research Institute. Among the services offered by Kurz Technical Services are combustion systems assessment, instrumentation system development, operating plant surveys and assessments, control system retrofits, and training.


The firm was founded by Dr. Jerome Kurz in 1977. Dr. Kurz had demonstrated an expertise in the design and development of highly accurate thermal anemometer sensors used to electronically measure gas flow. The companyís initial product set included portable instrumentation, and over time more robust industrial devices were developed for monitoring and measuring flows of air and gases in harsh environments.

In 1986 Kurz Instruments moved from its original location in Camel Valley, California to its current facilities in Monterey, CA. Kurz experienced a leadership change in April 2008 when founder Dr. Kurz appointed his son, Daniel Kurz, to the post of president. Daniel Kurz had previously served as general manger of the company for over eight years.


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